Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Who is eligible to apply to HANIF?

The following types of entities registered in Pakistan are eligible to apply in response to HANIF requests for applications:

  1. Private for-Profit Firms or Companies/Businesses/Entrepreneurs
  2. IT companies/Engineering Firms
  3. Branding and solution providers
  4. Consulting companies or firms
  5. Non-Governmental Organisations (Local and international)
  6. Civil Society Organisations
  7. Academia/Research Institutes/Think Tanks
  8. Media Firms/Performing Art Houses
  9. Media Organisations/Performing Art Houses
  10. Government autonomous bodies/Government Departments/Public Sector Organisations with Assignment Accounts
  11. Individual consultants

Local Organisations must be registered for a minimum of three (03) years in Pakistan under relevant government regulations.

International Organisations must be registered in Pakistan, with a minimum of one year of operations and be able to operate a bank account in Pak Rupees.

Q 2. Can an independent consultant, apply to HANIF?

Yes but only if the consultant fulfills the criteria; the consultant in question must:

  • be a Pakistani citizen
  • have the qualifications relevant to their project
  • have a Pakistani Rupee bank account
  • be residing in Pakistan

Q 3. Who cannot apply for funding?
The following entities cannot apply for HANIF funding:

  • Organisations not registered for the specified duration in Pakistan
  • EVA-BHN consortium partners
  • Groups banned by government
  • Political parties and politicians

Q 4. What is the maximum duration of HANIF support?
The maximum duration of HANIF support is 15 months.

Q 5. Can an organisation apply in partnership?
Yes, effective partnerships are encouraged especially where they add value to the project design; they can be with local or International Organisations and must fulfill the following criteria:

  • One organisation will be designated as the lead organisation taking all financial and implementation responsibility for the project
  • Partnerships need to be stated clearly at the application stage
  • Partner Organisations will have to sign a letter of commitment between partners allowing the lead organisation to  negotiate the grant with HANIF
  • A contract or MOU between the partners will be required at contract signing stage.

For more information, please see the Information sheet for R-3.

Q 6. Can Media firm apply in partnership with NGOs or vice versa?
Yes, effective partnerships are encouraged between Media firms and NGOs especially where they add value to the project design but must fulfill the above criteria.

Q 7. Can Government apply under HANIF?
Yes, Government autonomous bodies, Government Departments and Public Sector Organisations with Assignment Accounts can apply for HANIF.

Q 8. What is Innovation?

Innovation is defined as testing of a new idea, a new way of implementing an existing idea or adaptation of successful ideas from other geographical areas and sectors. HANIF aims to identify simple sustainable and/or replicable innovations that will create the most long-term impact. Innovation is not limited to technology or any other area; any idea that is new to its context is welcome.

Q 9. Can an organisation be funded twice as a part of different consortia?

Q 10. How will funds be disbursed to projects?

Funding will be disbursed to projects as per approved activity work plan. HANIF issues Cost Reimbursable Milestone Based Grants.

Q 11. How is confidentiality of the grant application safeguarded?
HANIF will ensure complete confidentiality and no application will be shared with anyone except those involved in the appraisal and approval process.

Q 12. Will HANIF gives reasons for rejecting a project?

Q 13. Can an international organisation apply as a lead agency?
Yes, but they must fulfill the following criteria:
-be registered in Pakistan
-have a minimum of one year operations in Pakistan
-have a Pakistani Rupee bank account.

Q 14. What is HANIF’s policy against plagiarism?
Applications with plagiarism will be immediately rejected.

Q 15. Can an organisation submit more than one proposal?
Yes, but only one application will be funded.

Q 16. What is the due diligence assessment?
The due diligence assessment will review and evaluate current and existing implementation capacity and financial systems of potential grantees. Emphasizing on the applicants overall management, financial capability and technical expertise/experience; one important outcome of the due diligence assessment will be the decision on terms of payment, and applicant’s ability to manage funds.
The assessment will also determine the level of monitoring and oversight by HANIF.

Q 17. How long will the selection process take?
HANIF expects to complete its selection and grant issuance process in approximately 4 months after the submission of the application.

Q 18. What grant amounts are available under HANIF?
HANIF grants range in value between £15,000-£400,000 depending on project design, applicant capability, and our understanding of how the proposed project fits in to larger programme objectives.
Please see the information sheet of R-3 for details.

Business FAQs

The following additional questions are frequently asked by business applicants:

Q 1. Does a business have to be registered or incorporated?
Yes – businesses need to be registered or incorporated in Pakistan to get funding.

Q 2. Can businesses apply in partnership with another organisation?

Q 3. Is business financial performance important?
Yes – depending on what stage of operations the business is at.

Q 4. How and when will businesses be notified about the status of application?
All applicants will be informed about whether their application is selected or rejected via email.

Q 5. Can a business get multiple grants?
No, one business will be funded only once.

Q 6. Business plan includes confidential and trade secret information, how will these be protected if a business applies for this grant?
HANIF does not share application information for any reason other than to conduct its own appraisal processes.

Q 7. How will queries be addressed?
All queries and questions can be sent to and will be replied promptly. FAQs will be updated accordingly.